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About us

Welcome to our exclusive oasis of beauty!

Over 20 years of experience in the world of cosmetics! 

We are a Polish company whose history began in 2000. What started as local business transformed into a dynamic journey through the world of cosmetics and care. Our development has been constant, which is why we decided to open an online drugstore to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

What sets us apart from other stores?

Time and money savings! Without the hassle of a traditional drugstore, you can order all the products literally in a few moments. Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities, so we offer top-notch customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with your purchases.

Why choose our online drugstore?

  1. Wide range of products: You'll find everything you need, whether it's skincare, haircare, nail care, perfumes, or makeup accessories.

  2. Competitive prices: Thanks to our prices, you save with every purchase.

  3. Fast and secure delivery: Orders reach your home quickly and safely, without leaving your comfortable couch.

Our offer is not just cosmetics!

In addition to a wide range of skincare products, you'll also find excellent cleaning products, detergents, and home care products. We're ready to deliver these fantastic products right to your door, wherever you are in the European Union, especially in Germany.

Fast shipping is our strong suit!

We know your time is crucial, so we ensure that your order is prepared and dispatched promptly. You don't have to wait long to enjoy using new, fantastic products.

Join our community of satisfied customers!

We encourage you to take action! Buy products that meet your quality expectations. Explore our online drugstore and experience the convenience of shopping without leaving home. It's not just an online store – it's an experience that will transform your daily life!

Join us and enjoy beauty and freshness at your fingertips!


Information for Customers from the European Union (outside of Poland) with an active VAT number

All companies with an active VAT number will receive a tax refund during order processing. In case of any doubts, please contact us.

Customer Service
Monday - Friday 8am-3 pm

Poland +48 726 504 525


Germany, rest of Europe +48 783 781 130

Contact and company details

Alfex Sp. z o. o.
street Skłodowska 22-24
55-120 Oborniki Śląskie (POLAND)

Share Capital : 50000 PLN
NIP: 9151606194
REGON: 932481073
KRS: 189336

Transfer details

Alfex Sp. z o. o.
street Skłodowska 22-24
55-120 Oborniki Śląskie (POLAND)

BNP Paribas
account number: 65175000120000000031874491

BNP Paribas
account number: PL53175000120000000031874513

Sustainable Packaging

Welcome to - We want each order from our store to bring you not only the joy of shopping but also the sense that we're doing something good for our planet. Here's how we take care of our products and the environment during packaging:

Sustainable Packaging: We take pride in our efforts to protect the environment, so we pay attention to how we pack your orders. Our packaging is carefully chosen to minimize environmental impact. We use materials sourced from recycling, allowing us to reduce the use of new resources.

Zero New Fillers: Unlike many other companies, we avoid using new fillers for packaging. Instead, we utilize filling materials that are remnants from other packages. This way, we don't generate additional waste, supporting the idea of reuse and waste reduction.

Waste Responsibility: As a team, we emphasize waste responsibility. Therefore, we encourage our customers to consciously handle waste from our packages according to local regulations. This way, we can contribute together to creating a more sustainable future.

Thank you for choosing our store. Your support allows us to continue our efforts for the environment. We are delighted to provide you not only with high-quality products but also with the awareness that together, we are working towards a better tomorrow. With us, every order is a step towards a more environmentally friendly future!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Merci beaucoup, j'ai bien reçu le colis c'est parfait
Thank you so much for your kind attention and excellent goods, Jadvyga