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 Tołpa stands out in the cosmetics market thanks to its unique approach that combines science with nature. The heart of Tołpa's philosophy is the unique peat extract named torf tołpa®, which is a key ingredient in all of the brand's products. Thanks to it, Tołpa's cosmetics regenerate, moisturize and strengthen the skin, and also have antioxidant effects and protect against bacteria.

Tołpa is committed to ecology. The packaging produced by the company, made from recyclable materials, can be processed multiple times, reducing their environmental impact. By choosing aluminum for the production of tubes, Tołpa ensures that the cosmetics maintain their properties for a long time and are protected from external factors.

Tołpa pays great attention to the details of its formulas. It continually perfects recipes to make its products increasingly effective, while preserving their natural roots. Every ingredient is thoroughly tested and has its precisely defined place in the composition of the cosmetic, ensuring that Tołpa's products are safe for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Tołpa meets the needs of women and men who expect high quality, but also those who seek products that do not compromise their values and beliefs. For men who are not afraid to take care of themselves and for women who value simplicity and effectiveness in their daily care.

Tołpa's products are more than just cosmetics, they are a philosophy of caring for oneself with respect for nature. Tołpa invites you to a world where tradition meets modernity, and care for the skin goes hand in hand with environmental protection.