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Coccolino: The Epitome of Softness and Fragrant Care in Fabric Conditioning

Coccolino, boasting a tradition spanning over half a century, is more than a brand of fabric softeners – it’s a synonym for innovation and quality in the world of fabric care. The brand’s embodiment, the Coccolino bear, has charmed consumers for years with its uniqueness. Coccolino's exceptional products stand out in the market not only for their unique fragrances but also for providing unmatched softness and color brilliance, ensuring that clothes remain like new for longer.

The Story of the Coccolino Brand

Since its inception, Coccolino has continually raised the bar in the fabric softener category. Through constant innovation and understanding of consumer needs, the brand has become a leader in the industry, offering products that combine efficacy with subtlety and gentleness.

The Coccolino Range: A Wealth of Choice

Coccolino Fabric Softeners

  • Coccolino Classic: Traditional fabric softeners that provide long-lasting freshness and exceptional softness to garments.
  • Coccolino Intense: A line of intense fragrances, giving clothes not just softness but a lasting, captivating aroma.
  • Coccolino Sensitive: Specially designed for sensitive skin, free from allergenic additives.

Benefits of Purchasing Coccolino Products

  1. Lasting Freshness and Scent: Clothes treated with Coccolino retain freshness for longer, starting each day with a pleasant fragrance.
  2. Unmatched Softness: Thanks to advanced formulas, Coccolino makes fabrics extraordinarily soft, crucial for sensitive skin.
  3. Color Protection: Coccolino fabric softeners ensure that the colors of your clothes remain vibrant and intense even after multiple washes.
  4. Efficiency: Coccolino concentrates allow for longer use of a single package, beneficial for both the environment and the household budget.
  5. Hypoallergenic: Coccolino Sensitive products are perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin, providing gentle care without irritation.


Coccolino is more than just a fabric softener – it’s a promise that each wash will be not only effective but also a sensory pleasure. Choosing Coccolino means selecting products that protect our clothes, maintain their appearance and scent, and most importantly, ensure wearing comfort. Coccolino is a brand that lovingly cares for every detail in fabric conditioning.