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Palette hair dyes are a line of hair dyes manufactured by Schwarzkopf. These are dyes that allow you to permanently change your hair colour at home. The Palette range includes both permanent dyes, which stay on the hair for a longer period of time, and semi-permanent dyes, which gradually wash out of the hair. Palette hair dyes guarantee intensive colour and effective grey coverage. They are also available in different shade categories, allowing you to choose the perfect colour for everyone.

There are different types of Palette hair dyes available on the market. The most popular of these are:

1. Palette permanent dyes - these are dyes that lock the colour into the hair structure and last for several weeks, even after many washes. These dyes are the most long-lasting and are often used for full hair colouring.

Palette Intensive Color is a range of hair dyes manufactured by Schwarzkopf. Palette Intensive Color is an intense and long-lasting colour that provides full coverage of grey hair. Palette Intensive Color contains special care ingredients, such as argan oil, which protects the hair from damage and gives it a healthy appearance. Palette Intensive Color these are available in a wide range of colours.

Palette Deluxe Oil is the name of a range of hair dyes manufactured by Schwarzkopf. Palette Deluxe Oil colours are characterised by the presence of oil in their formulation, which is supposed to provide intensive care and hydration to the hair during colouring. Palette Deluxe Oil offers a wide range of colours, from natural shades to more daring and unusual shades.

Palette Permanent Natural Colors is a range of hair dyes that provides long-lasting and natural colours. They work by penetrating the hair and changing its colour using special pigments. Palette Permanent Natural Colors also contain conditioning agents that help to strengthen and moisturise the hair. Before using Palette Permanent Natural Colors hair dye, it is necessary to carry out an allergy test to check that there is no allergy to the ingredients of the product. Palette Permanent Natural Colors hair dye is then applied to dry hair, starting at the roots and spreading evenly throughout. After waiting a certain amount of time, usually 30-40 minutes, the dye is rinsed with warm water and then the hair is shampooed and conditioned. Palette Permanent Natural Colors offers a wide range of colours to suit individual preferences and style. Palette Permanent Natural Colors provide a long-lasting effect that lasts for a longer period of time. In addition, thanks to their conditioning ingredients, the dyes are gentle on the hair and do not cause dryness or damage. Palette Permanent Naturals is a line of permanent hair dyes by Palette, which is designed to provide long-lasting, natural hair colour. The dye contains special ingredients such as argan oil, which protects the hair from damage and moisturises it, and keratin, which strengthens the hair and makes it more flexible. After using Palette Permanent Naturals hair dye, the hair gets an intense, long-lasting colour that definitely stands out from other dyes. In addition, thanks to the nutrients, the hair becomes properly moisturised and looks healthy and beautiful.

2. Palette semi-permanent dyes, shampoos - these are dyes that also lock the colour into the hair structure, but last shorter on the hair than permanent dyes. They typically last for around 6-8 washes, making them ideal for experimenting with colour for a shorter period of time. Palette Color Shampoo is a specialised colouring shampoo that allows you to colour your hair quickly and easily without the need for traditional hair dyes. This product works in two stages. The first stage of using Palette Color Shampoo is hair cleansing, which involves removing impurities, detergents and other substances from the hair and opening the hair cuticle. This allows the colour pigments to better penetrate into the hair structure. The second step of using Palette Color Shampoo is to introduce the colour pigments into the hair. Palette Color Shampoo contains colouring particles that penetrate into the hair during washing and attach themselves to the hair structure. These pigments are then fixed under the effect of heat when drying the hair. Palette Color Shampoo is available in different shades, so you can choose the colour that best suits your preferences. The effect lasts for several weeks, but gradually washes out over time with subsequent hair washes.