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The spray can be applied to dry or wet hair. When applied, the product does not make hair strands sticky or weigh down too much, which is why all hairstyles look so elegant and light. You can get hairspray from the biggest hair care manufacturers such as SYOSS, WELLAFLEX, TAFT or LOREAL in the online hair salon with delivery to countries all over Europe. With all types of hairspray, it is worth remembering to strengthen and nourish your hair sufficiently on a daily basis.

Natural hair sprays

Natural hairspray is a product made mainly from ingredients of plant origin. This means that it can also be used by people who suffer, for example, from scalp irritations and allergies. Ingredients of natural origin are less likely to cause allergic reactions and are therefore often a better option for people with sensitive skin.

Alcohol-free hair spray.

Alcohol-free hairsprays are based on other solvents. The most popular are water and oils. The most important factor, the popularity of these hairspray solvents, is their availability. It is worth bearing in mind that hairsprays based on oils and water, without the addition of alcohol, are gentler on the scalp and do not dry out the hair. At the same time, the production of such hairsprays is more environmentally friendly. Please note, alcohol-free hair sprays usually need more time to dry and fix the hair style.