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Shaving razors for women - a device used to remove unwanted body hair. It is primarily designed for shaving the legs, armpits and bikini line, but can also be used for other parts of the body. Shavers for women differ from those for men mainly in their adaptability to softer skin and finer physiques. They are usually equipped with shorter-span blades, moisturising or lubricating plates and additional features to protect against skin irritation. They are also often more colourful and aesthetically pleasing to attract women's attention.
Gillette Venus Breeze - a women's razor that has built-in moisturising gels to make the shaving process easier and softer. It also has a movable head that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body.
The Gillette Venus Swirl - another popular option for women, has a Flexiball hose that allows the razor to easily adapt to the contours of the body and five blades for a smooth and precise shave.
Gillette Venus Snap - a small and handy razor, perfect for travelling. It has five blades and a movable head.
There are also other Gillette women's razor models on the market, such as Gillette Venus ComfortGlide or Gillette Venus Embrace. The choice depends on the individual preferences and needs of the user.