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To properly care for your shoes, you need to use a specific method depending on their material. Here are some general tips:
- Leather shoes: Before cleaning, remove any visible dirt, such as sand or dust, using a soft brush or damp cloth. Then apply a small amount of shoe cleaner or cream, rubbing it evenly and gently over the entire surface of the shoe. Finally, to give them a shine, you can apply a shoe-colored paste and polish them with a dry, soft cloth.
- Suede shoes: You can use a special eraser or suede brush to clean suede shoes. You need to gently wipe the shoes in one direction to remove dirt. For more difficult stains, you can use a special suede spray or vinegar diluted with water. After cleaning your shoes, leave them to dry for a few minutes and then use an eraser or brush to soften the suede.
- Textile shoes: Textile shoes can be cleaned in a washing machine, but they should be placed in a special net or bag to prevent them from being damaged. Additionally, you can apply a small amount of washing liquid or manually remove stains using liquid soap and a shoe brush. After washing, the shoes should be placed on the dryer or aired until completely dry.
- Shoes made of eco-leather: Shoes made of eco-leather can be cleaned using a damp cloth with soap and wiped gently to remove dirt. Then, as with leather shoes, you can apply a small amount of shoe cream to restore the shine.
It is important to remember that before cleaning your shoes, you should always check the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific type of footwear.

Proper shoe care is a set of activities aimed at keeping shoes in good condition, extending their life and maintaining their aesthetic appearance. Here are the basic steps for shoe care:

1. Cleaning - Regularly removing dirt from shoes is essential to keep them clean. This can be done using a soft brush or a special shoe cleaning sponge. For more difficult stains, you can use special shoe cleaning products.

2. Immediate removal of stains - If the shoes have been wet or dirty with any substance, you should immediately start cleaning them. Leaving stains may cause permanent damage to the material.

3. Drying - After cleaning your shoes, dry them thoroughly. They should not be placed in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as radiators. This may deform or damage the material.

4. Waterproofing - Waterproofing your shoes after cleaning is important to prevent them from getting wet. There are various shoe impregnation preparations that protect against moisture and at the same time maintain the breathability of the material.

5. Storage - Shoes should be stored in appropriate conditions to maintain their shape and avoid contamination. It is best to store them in their original boxes or bags, away from moisture and sunlight.

Remember that different materials and types of shoes may require special care methods. Therefore, it is worth reading the manufacturer's recommendations and following them.