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Room disinfectants are chemical preparations that are used to eliminate micro-organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or moulds, from room surfaces. Their purpose is to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. They can be different types of preparations. Disinfection of rooms is important because it helps to eliminate microorganisms and viruses, which contributes to cleanliness and hygiene. Here are some reasons why disinfection is used:
1. to prevent the spread of infectious diseases: Disinfection helps to remove microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi that can transmit various diseases.
2 Ensuring safety: Disinfection can help minimise the risk of dangerous infections such as pneumonia, salmonellosis or influenza. In particular, immunocompromised people such as children, the elderly and the sick are at greater risk of infection, so disinfection is important for their safety.
Eliminating unpleasant odours: Many micro-organisms can cause unpleasant odours, especially in enclosed spaces. Disinfection helps to eliminate these odours, improving the overall air quality and atmosphere.
4 Preventing the growth of mould and fungi: Disinfection helps to eliminate moisture and other factors that promote mould and fungal growth.