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Washing - Liquid & Gels

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Liquid or gel laundry detergents are not only very efficient, but also convenient to use. These are products that remove almost all types of dirt very effectively. Explore the variants of laundry liquids available in our offer. Choose the one that will allow you to get your clothes impeccably clean, and at the same time will be the gentlest for them.

Laundry gels

Laundry gel is a combination of powder and liquid. The agent dissolves well in water, making it convenient to use. A novelty among laundry detergents are revolutionary laundry capsules. They are a great replacement for washing powder along with liquid detergent. Unfortunately, dry and old stains may not wash off in a classic wash. Such "failures" should be taken very seriously if you care about the item. In such a situation, use a stain remover or soak the clothes before washing them yourself.

Washing liquids

Laundry liquid is nothing more than a chemical agent for washing fabrics. It contains anionic and non-ionic surfactants, water, fragrances and dyes. Washing liquids are especially recommended for short wash modes in automatic washing machines. If you have delicate skin on which irritation quickly develops, or you are allergic to almost anything, use a hypoallergenic liquid.

Select the right liquid and gel for your laundry to suit your needs.

All-purpose gels and liquids are ideal for washing at both low and high temperatures, but if you need to wash very delicate clothes or you easily get allergies from contact with clothing that has been treated with such detergent, you'd better think longer about choosing the right product. In such situations, a hypoallergenic detergent can often be the best choice.

When choosing a laundry liquid or gel, pay attention not only to its literage, but also to its efficiency. Gels, due to their concentration of laundry ingredients, are more efficient than powders.

Note: If you have a small child it is worth doing laundry separately using preparations prepared specifically with this in mind. They are usually much softer, and the clothes remain pleasant to the touch for longer!