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A sanitary pad is a feminine hygiene product that is used to absorb menstrual blood during menstruation. They are made of absorbent materials such as cotton, cellulose or a polymer-based gel that helps absorb and retain the blood. Sanitary pads usually come in the form of a thin, disposable pad that is inserted into your underwear and held in place with adhesive tape. There are many different brands and types of sanitary pads available on the market, in different sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit the individual needs and preferences of female users.
1 Naturella is a brand that offers sanitary pads for women. Naturella pads are made of a soft material that provides comfort and protection throughout the day. They also have a special absorbent layer that absorbs moisture and keeps the skin dry. Naturella insoles are also thin, flexible and breathable, providing a feeling of freedom and adaptation to the body. They are available in different sizes and levels of absorbency to suit each woman's individual needs. Naturella pads are also an environmentally friendly product as the packaging is made from recycled material.

2 Always is a brand that produces sanitary pads for women. Always pads are designed to be used during menstruation, providing a feeling of dryness and protection against leaks. Always pads are available in different sizes and levels of absorbency to respond to the individual needs of women in different phases of the menstrual cycle. Always products are also available in different variants, such as normal, ultra-thin, night pads and the famous Always Platinum pads. Always pads are widely available in our online shop
3 Carefree is a popular brand of sanitary pads for women. Carefree pads are typically thin, soft and flexible, providing protection and comfort during menstruation and daily intimate hygiene. These pads are also often used to prevent accidental leakage or the feeling of dry skin. Carefree offers different types of pads, such as pads dedicated to specific phases of the menstrual cycle, pads with different levels of absorbency and pads for those with sensitive skin.

4 Discreet pads are absorbent sanitary pads for women. They are thin and discreet, providing protection against leaks and odour. Discreet pads are also comfortable and flexible, providing 24/7 protection during menstruation. They are available in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels to suit each woman's individual needs.
5 Bella is a brand that produces feminine sanitary pads. Bella pads are available in different sizes, shapes and levels of absorbency to provide comfort and protection during menstruation. Bella pads are made of a soft material that keeps skin dry and fresh, minimising the risk of irritation. They also produce disposable Bella Panty Liners, which are smaller and thinner, ideal for everyday use or as extra protection during menstrual periods. Bella also offers pads for women experiencing incontinence and postpartum pads for women after giving birth.

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