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Pantyliners are a type of hygienic pad used to absorb blood during menstruation. They are mainly designed for women and are available in different sizes and degrees of absorbency. The sanitary napkins are usually comfortable to use and have a sticky surface that allows them to be firmly inserted into underwear.
1. disposable sanitary napkins: these are the most common types of sanitary napkins that can be bought in shops. They are usually made of thin material and have an adhesive layer that adheres to the underwear and prevents the sanitary pad from moving.
2. sanitary towels: these are softer, gentler on the skin and more absorbent. They also contain extra layers to retain moisture and odours. They are often used during very heavy periods.
3. side-flap sanitary napkins: have extra wings or flaps that secure the sanitary napkin to the underwear and prevent leakage.
4. Organic sanitary napkins: are made of biodegradable materials such as organic cotton or cellulose. They are more environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
5. Anatomical sanitary napkins: have a specially shaped design that moulds to the body to provide greater comfort and minimise leakage.
6. young girls' sanitary napkins: are smaller and more delicate, specially designed for girls at puberty.
7 Night-time sleepers: are longer and more absorbent, designed to be worn while sleeping to prevent leakage during the night.

Favourite brands of our customers
Always sanitary napkins are feminine hygiene products,
which serve to absorb blood during menstruation. They are
made of soft material, with an absorbent layer and a lined
part that allows them to be glued to underwear and prevents them from slipping.Always products are available in different sizes and absorption levels to suit the needs of every woman.
The Naturella company is a manufacturer and distributor of feminine hygiene products. Their product range includes various
types of sanitary towels, pads and tampons. Naturella sanitary towels.Naturella sanitary towels is abrand of hygienic sanitary towels for women. It includes different types of sanitary pads,such as:
1.Naturella Classic - sanitary pads of standard thickness, providing protection and comfort on a daily basis.
2. Naturella Ultra - thin sanitary pads, which provide maximum protection and the feeling of dryness.
3.Naturella Maxi - higher absorbency compared to Classic sanitary napkins, for periods with higher
4.Naturella Ultra Long - longer sanitary pads for greater protection, especially during the night.
5.Naturella Activ - sanitary napkins with increased elasticity, suitable for active women.
6.Naturella Fresh - sanitary napkins with unique odour control system ensuring the feeling of freshness.
7. Naturella Goodnight - specially designed for night-time protection, providing extra length and protection.

Bella sanitary napkins are popular and widely available products hygiene products for women. Bella offers many different types of sanitary napkins such aa standard sanitary pads, ultra-thin sanitary pads, night sanitary pads, sanitary napkins withelastic sides and eco-friendly. They have different levels of absorbency,to suit each woman's individual needs. Bella sanitary napkins are made of soft and breathable fabric, which provides a feeling of comfort and prevents skin irritation.prevents skin irritation. They are also packaged in a discreet packaging that is easy to carry in your handbag

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