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Drain Unblockers

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Pipe cleaners are chemical or mechanical substances that help remove blockages in household pipes. They are designed to dissolve and remove sediment, grease, hair, toilet paper and other materials that can cause blockages in pipes. Some common pipe unblocking products include pipe unblocking fluids, pipe unblocking gels and various types of mechanical tools.
Kret pipe cleaner is effective for several reasons:. Chemical composition:Kret  agent contains special chemicals that have the property of dissolving and dissolving grease, fibres, paper and other impurities in the pipes. These substances help to unblock obstructions and unclog pipes. Next, the chemical reaction: the main ingredient in Kret is sodium sulphate, which reacts with water to form a loose mass of foam. This foam fills the pipe, which helps to destroy and remove blockages in the pipe. This reaction also creates a high pressure in the pipe, which can lead to bursting and removal of obstructions. Efficiency: Mole cleaner is designed to unblock both plastic and metal pipes, meaning it can be used on most types of pipes found in homes. It is also effective at removing different types of obstructions such as grease, hair, food residue or other debris that can cause clogged pipes