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LONDA are hair dyes that have been operating under their individual brand since 1960. Previously, they were available as part of the Wella brand. Londa hair dyes are considered modern products suitable for both professional hair salons and home use Customers of our online store can choose among a huge base of available hair dye colors. Among the goods you will find both permanent and semi-permanent coloring products.

Hair coloring with LONDA hair dyes

Welcome to the world of Londa Color, where every woman can find the perfect hair dye shade that meets her unique needs and dreams. Our color palette has been designed to allow every woman to express her personality and style. Here is a detailed guide to our color palette, helping you choose the perfect shade according to your beauty type.

Black Shades

  1. 2/0 – 11 black: A classic, deep black. Perfect for women seeking an intense, expressive look. Suits especially well with fair or olive skin tones.
  2. 2/8 – 21 blue/black: A unique shade of black with a subtle blue tint. Excellent for bold women wanting to add a hint of mystery. Best suits cool beauty types.

Brown Shades

  1. 4/00 – 12 dark brown: A deep, dark brown. Ideal for women preferring a natural look. Complements all skin tones.
  2. 6/03 – 14 light brown: A bright, light brown. Perfect for women with fair skin who want to add warmth to their hair.
  3. 5/0 – NEW 13, medium brown: A universal medium brown, suitable for most beauty types. Ideal for those who prefer classic solutions.
  4. 3/75 – 32 moccha brown: An elegant, coffee shade. Perfect for women with a warm beauty type.
  5. 4/77 (5/77) – 34 golden brown: A warm brown with golden highlights. Excellent for women with a warm complexion.
  6. 6/73 – NEW 35, chocolate brown: An intense, sweet chocolate shade. Ideal for women with both light and dark skin tones.
  7. 4/76 – 42 dark chestnut: A deep chestnut shade. Looks great on women with a warm beauty type.
  8. 66/5 – 44 light chestnut: A light, natural chestnut shade. Suits most beauty types.

Blonde Shades

  1. 7/13 – 15 dark blonde: A deep, dark blonde. Ideal for women with a warm complexion.
  2. 8/13 – 16 medium blonde: A universal medium blonde, suitable for many beauty types.
  3. 9/13 – 17 light blonde: A light blonde, perfect for women with fair skin.
  4. 11/1 – 18 pale blonde: A very light blonde, great for cool beauty types.
  5. 11/0 – 19 platinum: A trendy, cool shade of platinum. Perfect for bold women.
  6. 10/8 – 89 platinum silver: Platinum blonde with silver highlights. Ideal for women with cool beauty types.
  7. 8/38 – 38 beige blonde: A delicate, beige blonde. Perfect for women with a warm skin tone.

Red Shades

  1. 5/46 – 43 ruby: A deep, ruby red. Suitable for women with both light and dark skin tones.
  2. 6/45 – 45 garnet: An intense shade of garnet red. Ideal for women with a dark complexion.
  3. 8/45 – 47 firey red: A vivid, fiery red. Looks great on individuals with fair skin.
  4. 55/46 – 53 mahogany: An elegant, deep mahogany. Excellent for women with a warm beauty type.

Purple Shades

  1. 3/66 – 52 aubergine: A deep, purple aubergine shade. Ideal for bold and modern women of all beauty types.

Each of these shades has been carefully selected to ensure not only a beautiful color but also optimal suitability for different beauty types. We invite you to choose your perfect shade and enjoy beautiful, shiny hair every day. Londa Color is a promise of beautiful and healthy-looking hair.

The composition of original hair dyes from LONDA is a well-chosen composition of dyes and ingredients that allow you to get a permanent and intense color while not damaging the hair structure. If you want to lighten your hair, get a natural blonde or beige color or check out the huge range of brown and black shade dyes, then hair coloring from LONDA is an alternative you should consider. Thanks to the thick consistency of the products, application will be easy and the results you get will be amazing. Check out the range of available hair dyes from LONDA online, shop at the online supermarket and order with delivery throughout Europe!