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A toothbrush is an essential product in every home, here are some reasons why:

1. plaque and tartar removal: Brushing your teeth regularly helps remove plaque, which is one of the main factors in tooth decay and periodontal disease. Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the teeth and gums, and regular brushing helps to remove it effectively.

2. caries prevention: regular tooth brushing is one of the most important factors in preventing caries. Removing plaque and food debris from the surface of the teeth helps protect against harmful bacteria and acids that can lead to tooth decay.

3. prevention of periodontal disease: tooth brushing also helps to prevent periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Regular removal of plaque and tartar reduces the risk of inflammation of the gums.

4 Protection against bad breath: Brushing your teeth helps remove bacteria and food debris that can cause bad breath. Regular oral cleaning helps to maintain fresh breath and improves social comfort.

5 General oral hygiene: A toothbrush is an essential oral hygiene tool. In addition, tooth brushing allows you to check the health of your mouth, gums and teeth, and can also serve as a basic form of gum massage.