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Washing baby clothes and diapers requires the right powder that not only protects the skin of newborns and toddlers, but also offers a gentle and Neutral fragrance. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers specialize in the production of laundry powders developed with the requirements of the most delicate children in mind.

Washing liquids for babies

In the case of small wards, it is very easy for a university to appear in the form of a rash, reddening of the skin or even swelling. In view of this, care should be taken to minimize the child's contact with allergens. It even matters what we wash the baby's clothes in, as they have the longest direct contact with their skin. A small child's skin is several times thinner than an adult's, making it very sensitive and prone to irritation and sensitization.

Disinfectants for children

Baby changing tables should be disinfected after every diaper change. While this should be standard, it is not always the case. This is another point of contact between a baby with a delicate body, thin skin and a very still weak immunity and a place extremely vulnerable to the colonization of bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting the changing table with an ordinary surface disinfectant may prove too strong for the baby, and the smell that such products leave behind is very irritating. For this purpose, it is also advisable to get a detergent that does its job effectively, while being neutral to the baby himself.

Laundry detergents for children

In a house where a small child lives, you need to clean regularly and often. A toddler, due to his immune system, which is just developing, is particularly sensitive to contact with various microorganisms, including those on clothes. However, it is worth remembering to approach this with reason, as too frequent and zealous cleaning may not serve the toddler, kept in a sterile bubble, at all. When choosing washing and cleaning products, pay particular attention to those containing natural or hypoallergenic substances that are often the safest choice for a baby's delicate skin.