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Dishwashers are one of the tools that can be called a miracle of the modern world. By turning the machine on when it's full you'll save a lot of water, and by not having to stand at the sink, you'll protect your time and hands from strenuous chores and chemicals, but it's worth remembering a few things about using dishwashers.

Which dishwasher detergents to choose?

It doesn't really matter much whether you use a liquid, tablet or gel dishwasher detergent. What matters is what qualities the product has. Dishwasher tablets are immediately divided into suitable portions which, in the case of gels and liquids, you have to measure out yourself.
Remember that it is best to choose detergents according to the role they are to play, which is mainly to
- protecting the dishwasher from corrosion
- Cleaning dishes without soaking and without food residue
- Pre-shining
- Prevention of limescale formation

For tablets, an important feature should be that they are easily soluble in water.

Which brand of dishwasher tablets is best?

It is not possible to unequivocally identify one best manufacturer of dishwasher cleaners, nor one product that is able to outperform all others in every area. It's worth trying a few different products and matching them to your own needs and conditions. If you have hard water, then water softening properties, may be essential. If you want crystal-shiny glasses and goblets, then make sure that the tablets or liquid you buy have the right substances in them to remedy this.

The most commonly purchased dishwasher products are those you will find in our online household chemicals shop. Check out the range and order online!

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