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Intimate hygiene

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There are many different types of intimate hygiene lotions that provide adequate moisturisation and protection for the delicate intimate area. Here are some examples:
1. pH-balanced intimate hygiene lotions: these are lotions that have a pH close to the natural pH of the intimate area, which helps to maintain the bacterial balance and prevent infections
2. antibacterial intimate hygiene lotions: these lotions contain ingredients that help fight harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.
3. moisturising intimate hygiene lotions: used when the intimate area is excessively dry, these lotions help to restore moisture and comfort.
4. antifungal intimate care lotions: used for fungal infections, these lotions contain ingredients that help fight fungi.
5. daily intimate hygiene lotions: keep the intimate area clean and fresh, protecting against unpleasant odours.
Iladian is a preparation in the form of an intimate hygiene liquid that contains lactic acid and chamomile extract. The liquid is intended for daily intimate hygiene, helps to maintain the balance of the vaginal microflora, prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms and soothes irritation and inflammation.Iladian liquid is recommended especially in the case of fungal, bacterial or inflammatory infections of the urogenital system. It can also be used for daily hygiene to maintain a healthy bacterial flora of the intimate area. Iladian lotion is gentle on the skin, non-irritating and non-sensitising.
Lactacyd is a brand of intimate hygiene products that offers various products for daily intimate care. Lactacyd contains lactic acid, which helps to maintain the natural pH of the skin in the intimate area. Lactacyd products are designed for daily use and help prevent infections and maintain a healthy bacterial flora. Lactacyd products are available in liquid, gel or emulsion form and are suitable for daily cleansing of the intimate area. There are also different product variants available, such as Lactacyd Delicate Care for sensitive skin, Lactacyd Femina for women in different phases of the menstrual cycle, etc. The safety of Lactacyd products has been tested by dermatologists and gynaecologists

Biały Jeleń is a Polish brand that offers a wide range of intimate hygiene cosmetics. Their products are gentle to the skin, pH balanced and contain no irritants. Biały Jeleń intimate hygiene gel is designed for daily care of intimate areas. It provides gentle cleansing, refreshing and prevents unpleasant odour. The gel is gentle, does not affect the natural bacterial flora and does not cause irritation.

Ziaja Higiena Intymna is a line of products dedicated to the daily care of the intimate area. It includes a wide range of products that help maintain intimate hygiene and freshness. Ziaja Higiena Intymna products are formulated for delicate skin and are suitable for all ages, including those with sensitive skin. The range includes intimate soaps, intimate hygiene gels, intimate hygiene lotions, creams and emulsions for intimate care. The Ziaja Higiena Intymna line takes care of the appropriate pH of the intimate area, providing protection against unpleasant odours and infections. The products are dermatologically tested These are just a few examples of companies that produce intimate hygiene lotions. There are many other brands and manufacturers available on the market.