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History of Dove Brand

The fundamental ingredient in Dove cosmetics originated during World War II, used by medical personnel for the care of soldiers' burnt skin. This period saw a high demand for soap and disinfectant products. In 1956, scientists improved the formula, adding skin-beneficial ingredients. These products, supplied by Unilever, gained popularity, leading to the commercialization and the launch of the Dove brand in 1957. The moisturizing Dove bar, a staple of the American market since 1957, entered Western Europe in the 1980s and Poland in 1993. The name "dove," symbolizing gentleness and loyalty, was chosen to reflect the brand's desired association with these qualities.

Dove's Product Range and Interesting Facts

Dove, known for its extensive range, offers diverse products like soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and creams. An interesting aspect is that Dove's logo design directly relates to its name. The logo consists of the brand name and a dove image, often in white, metallic silver, or gold. Reflecting the symbolism of a dove - gentleness and loyalty - is central to the brand's identity. Dove has built its reputation on trust and credibility, evident in their advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

Extended Product Range of Dove

Dove Bar Soap

Dove Bar Soap is iconic, renowned for its unique, moisturizing formula containing ¼ moisturizing cream. This sets it apart from traditional soaps that can dry out the skin. Its gentleness makes it suitable for all skin types, providing deep cleansing and hydration.

Dove Spray Deodorant

Dove Spray Deodorant offers 24-hour protection against sweat and odor while caring for the underarm skin. Containing 0% alcohol, it minimizes irritation risks, and its moisturizing cream formula ensures skin smoothness and softness.

Dove Roll-On Deodorant

Dove Roll-On Deodorant stands out for its gentle formula. Its roll-on applicator allows for precise and convenient application. It also contains moisturizing cream, helping maintain healthy-looking underarm skin.

Dove Stick Deodorant Dove's stick deodorant offers effective sweat protection and skin care. Its compact size is perfect for those on-the-go, providing long-lasting protection and containing moisturizing ingredients for gentle skin care.

Dove Hair Shampoo  Dove shampoos, tailored for various hair types, are designed to provide hydration and nourishment. They address problems like dryness, brittleness, or damage, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Dove Hair Conditioners  Dove conditioners enhance the effect of the shampoos, offering additional moisture and nourishment. They play a vital role in maintaining healthy hair, aiding in detangling, and adding smoothness and shine.

Dove Shower Gel  Dove shower gels do more than cleanse; their formulas are infused with moisturizing cream, ensuring that skin is not only clean but also moisturized and soft after showering.

Dove Body Lotion  Known for intense moisturization, Dove body lotions have rich formulas that absorb quickly without leaving a greasy residue, resulting in smooth, elastic skin.

Dove Liquid Soap  Dove liquid soap, a convenient alternative to traditional bar soaps, is gentle on the skin, effectively cleaning and moisturizing with its moisturizing cream content. Ideal for daily family use.