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Discover the Garnier Color Naturals Palette: Perfect for Every Beauty Type

Discover the Garnier Color Naturals Palette: Perfect for Every Beauty Type

Wondering which hair dye to choose to perfectly match your beauty type? Garnier Color Naturals offers a rich color palette that meets the needs of every woman, inspired by the seasons. Discover which color from the Garnier palette best suits your beauty type and why women worldwide love these dyes!

Spring Beauty Type

Spring beauties are characterized by warm, light skin tones, often with freckles, and light, golden hair. Perfect colors for them are light, warm shades of blonde, such as 102 Icy Opalescent Blonde from Garnier Color Naturals. These shades will emphasize the natural glow and freshness of the spring type.

Summer Beauty Type

For summer types, with their cool, slightly pink skin tone and hair in shades of cool blonde or light brown, subtle and delicate colors are ideal. Choose 7.34 Natural Copper or 8 Light Blonde to add depth while maintaining a natural effect.

Autumn Beauty Type

Autumn beauties have a warm skin tone with golden or olive undertones and hair in shades of dark blonde, brown, or copper. The choice of 6.00 Deep Light Brown or 5.15 Bitter Chocolate from the Garnier palette will emphasize the depth and warmth of the autumn type.

Winter Beauty Type

Winter types, with their light, porcelain skin and contrasting dark hair, will be delighted with deep and intense shades. 1.10 Navy Black or 4.3 Golden Brown are colors that perfectly underline the distinctiveness and elegance of the winter type.

Variety of Garnier Color Naturals Shades

In addition to the previously mentioned shades, Garnier Color Naturals also offers a wide range of other colors. Among them, you'll find:

  • Dark shades like 3.0 Dark Brown or 2.0 Black, perfect for those seeking depth and intensity.
  • Medium shades of brown, such as 4.0 Natural Brown or 5.0 Light Brown, which blend well with various beauty types.
  • Light blondes, including 9.0 Very Light Blonde and 10.1 Very Light Ash Blonde, for those desiring a lighter, cooler blonde.
  • Vibrant reds, such as 6.6 Intense Red or 4.6 Deep Cherry, ideal for bold and dynamic personalities.

Benefits and Advantages of Using Garnier Color Naturals

Garnier Color Naturals offers not only a variety of colors but also brings numerous benefits:

  • Formula enriched with three oils (olive, avocado, and shea) that intensely nourish the hair during coloring.
  • Long-lasting color and excellent grey hair coverage, making the hair look natural and healthy.
  • Easy application allows for even distribution of dye and achieves a salon effect at home.

Garnier Color Naturals is more than just hair dye – it's an opportunity to express yourself through color. With a wide range of shades, every woman can find the perfect color to harmonize with her natural beauty and beauty type. Choose Garnier Color Naturals to enjoy beautiful, lasting color and healthy, shiny hair

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