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Bar soap is a staple hygiene product in every home, here are a few reasons why it remains extremely popular despite the years. Eco-friendly: Bar soap tends to be more eco-friendly than liquid soap as it does not require a plastic bottle or extra packaging. It is better for the environment as it reduces plastic waste. Durable: Bar soap is usually more efficient and durable than liquid soap. It doesn't tangle as easily and doesn't become spilled, allowing it to last longer. Economical: Bar soap is often cheaper than liquid soap. They can be purchased in larger quantities for a lower price, leading to savings. Unique fragrances: bar soap often has a richer range of fragrances than liquid soap. We can choose from many different fragrances, which are additionally suitable for aromatherapy and relaxation. Multiple uses: Bar soap can be used not only for washing hands or the whole body, but also for washing clothes, washing dishes and cleaning the house. It is a versatile product that replaces many other detergents. Although each person has their own preferences, bar soap is appreciated for its durability, economy, eco-friendliness and variety of uses.


Types of bar soaps
- Glycerine soap: contains glycerine, which moisturises the skin and makes it soft and smooth.
- Natural soap: made from natural ingredients such as plant oils and herbal extracts, with no artificial substances added.
- Antibacterial soap: contains ingredients that help fight bacteria and prevent skin infections.
- Whitening soap: used to reduce stains and discolouration on the skin.
- Cleansing soap: effectively removes excess sebum and other skin impurities.
- Baby soap: gentle on children's skin, safe and mild.
- Flavoured soap: contains additional essential oils to give the soap a pleasant fragrance.
- Soap with added moisturising ingredients: e.g. shea butter, jojoba oil, silk, etc. to moisturise the skin.

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