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Somat is the largest manufacturer of dishwasher cleaning products. In the shop's assortment you will find cleaning tablets, liquids and capsules. You will also find rinse-off liquids and you can buy everything online with home delivery!

Why use somat machine cleaner tablets?

1. dishwasher tablets should effectively protect your dishwasher from damage. Although these appliances are made of water-resistant materials, increased amounts of chemicals, grease, and bacteria are able to damage the inside of the dishwasher and lead to corrosion of the metal components.

2 Dishwasher detergents as one of the obvious, but sometimes forgotten, roles they should play is to clean dishes thoroughly. Without soaking and without leaving a residue of dirt on the dishes. You buy the tablets and turn on the dishwasher to save time and water, and the last thing you need is to be correcting after the dishwasher, washing dishes in the sink or turning it on a second time.

Which product to choose for dishwasher?

Match the product to your pocket and expectations. Take into account that the more you need a product to do, the more it will cost. Check out single-function tablets, 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 4-in-1.

You can also choose between gels and lotions. Each one has a slightly different action, so it's worth reading up on its use and composition.