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Black hair dye is characterized by an intense, deep color that adds expressiveness and elegance to the hair. Here are some characteristics of black hair dye:
1. Color intensity: Black dye gives the hair an intense black color that is clear and deep. This creates a dramatic and highly contrasting effect, especially on lighter skin tones.
2. Shine: Black dye gives the hair a beautiful shine, which makes it look healthy and elegant. It reflects light, making the hair appear shinier and more attractive.
3. Durability: Black hair dye is usually durable and does not require frequent refreshing, so it stays on the hair for a long time. Abrasion-resistant, gives a lasting effect for a long time.
4. Contrast: Black paint stands out against the lighter skin color, making the face more expressive. This creates a contrasting and attractive effect, especially on people with lighter skin.
5. Versatility: Black hair dye suits various skin types and hair shades. It can be used on both natural and previously dyed hair and is suitable for various styles and hairstyles.

Joanna offers a wide selection of hair dyes for brunettes. Some of the most popular paint colors are:
- Dark brown - perfect for brunettes who want to maintain the natural color of their hair or are looking for a subtle change.
- Chocolate brown - a warm shade of brown that adds depth and shine to brunettes' hair.
- Burgundy - deep red with brown tones, which gives brunettes' hair an elegant look.
- Mahogany - dark red shade with brown tones, which can be used to achieve a deep and expressive hair color.
- Dark blonde - a delicate shade of blonde that gives brunettes' hair a subtle lightening.
The Joanna company also offers paints with various levels of durability and care, so it is worth reading the offer carefully to choose the paint that suits your needs. The Joanna company offers various series of paints dedicated to brunettes. These include, among others:
1. Ammonia-free paint series:
- Joanna Naturia Color ammonia-free paint,
- Ammonia-free Joanna Multi Cream Color.
2. Series of permanent paints:
- Intensive range of Joanna Multi Cream Color colors,
- Long-lasting Joanna Multi Cream Color colors.
3. Series of paints with keratin and argan oil:
- Coloring with keratin and argan oil Joanna Naturia Color,
- Paint based on keratin and argan oil Joanna Multi Cream Color.
4. Series of paints containing shea butter and silk:
- Paint with shea butter and silk Joanna Naturia Color,
- Paint containing silk and shea butter Joanna Multi Cream Color.
Each series of paints includes different shades, so brunettes can find the right color for themselves. Before using the paint, it is recommended to read the information on the packaging and perform an allergy test.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Everything was OK. less the price. This deodorant is at least 3 times more expensive than most. A few years ago this did not happen.
OK thank you