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Wella Wellaton: Discover the World of Blond Colors

The Blond collection from Wellaton not only offers a wide range of shades but also the quality and care one can expect from Wella. Each shade is carefully formulated to ensure even coverage and long-lasting results.

Discover your ideal Blond with Wellaton and experience the world of colors with Wella – a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the hair dye industry for decades.

Wella is more than just a name; it's an institution in the world of hair care. With over 135 years of experience in the industry, Wella has earned a reputation as an innovator and leader in quality. An interesting fact is that Wella was one of the pioneers in modern hair coloring technology, maintaining its market leadership position to this day. In particular, the Blond Colors from the Wellaton collection are popular for their longevity and intensity of color.

Wellaton Blond Palette from Wella: A Shade for Everyone

The Blond collection from Wellaton by Wella includes a variety of shades, perfectly matched to different beauty types. Here's a detailed overview:

  1. Very Light Ash Blond (12/1): Ideal for those with a cool beauty type. This shade of Blond is recommended for those looking to achieve a naturally looking, cool Blond effect.

  2. Very Light Natural Blond (12/0): This Blond is a classic choice, giving hair a healthy and radiant look. Perfect for those seeking a subtle yet striking Blond.

  3. Deep Golden Blond (9/3): A warm shade of Blond, perfect for those with a spring beauty type. This Blond adds life and shine to hair, ideal for those wanting to refresh their appearance.

  4. Very Light Blond (9/1): Ideal for the summer beauty type, this Blond gives hair a subtle shimmer. It is a great choice for those looking for a delicate and natural look.

  5. Light Ash Blond (8/1): A soft and cool shade of Blond, perfect for those with a summer beauty type. This Blond offers a natural yet noticeable color change while maintaining subtlety.

Wella's Wellaton offers a diverse range of Blond shades, catering to various beauty types and preferences. Each shade in the collection is designed to provide a unique look, from natural and subtle to bold and vibrant. The Blond colors are formulated for even application and lasting color, making Wellaton a go-to choice for those seeking quality Blond hair dyes. With Wellaton, you can explore and express your style confidently, backed by the expertise of Wella.

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