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AA - A Pioneering Journey in Facial Care by Oceanic

AA, part of Oceanic S.A., stands as a leader in the Polish cosmetics market, specializing in anti-allergic skincare since 1982. This brand has been renowned for creating products tailored for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

History of AA

The story of AA began in 1982 in Gdańsk, initially producing shampoos and soaps. It later expanded its portfolio with the "New Wave" skincare line and anti-allergic creams. The first AA cream, in its iconic orange jar, was a major hit, selling hundreds of thousands of units, leading to the development of a complete range of AA anti-allergic cosmetics. In 2003, the company underwent modernization and gained international recognition​​.

Product Series of AA

  1. AA Intymna: A range of intimate hygiene products, including gentle emulsions and gels suitable for sensitive skin​​.
  2. AA Wings of Color: A collection of hypoallergenic makeup products designed for allergy-prone skin​​.
  3. Oillan: Dermocosmetics with emollients for very dry, sensitive skin, and dermatological conditions​​.
  4. Long4Lashes: A popular brand focusing on eyelash and eyebrow growth stimulants​​.
  5. MORE4CARE: An advanced care and cleansing program with high performance​​.
  6. Aquaselin: A line of antiperspirants developed for people with excessive sweating​​.
  7. L'biotica: Facial and body care products based on the latest cosmetology ingredients​​.
  8. Biovax: Advanced hair and scalp care, specializing in post-shampoo treatments​​.
  9. AA Sensitive Beauty Products: The flagship hypoallergenic range for facial and body care, and intimate hygiene, tested on sensitive skin​​.
  10. AA Technology Age: An innovative anti-aging series using the latest cosmetic technologies​​.

Distinctive Features of AA

AA is recognized for the high quality and effectiveness of its products, appreciated both in Poland and internationally. The company produces cosmetics at its modern factory in Trąbki Małe, focusing on innovation and safety. AA has received numerous prestigious awards and is valued for its innovative products that guarantee excellent results and skin safety​​​​​​.


AA, as a part of Oceanic S.A., has consistently led the cosmetics market, offering a wide range of products tailored to various skin needs. Through continuous trend research and adaptation, the company has gained international acclaim, becoming synonymous with Polish quality in skincare.


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