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Nivea and Sustainable Development: Strategies and Efforts

Nivea, a global skincare company, sets ambitious sustainable development goals, incorporating ecological and social aspects to ensure products are made sustainably, respecting the environment and human rights throughout the value chain.

CO2 Emission Reduction

CO2 Emission Goals: Nivea aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, with a plan to reduce CO2e emissions by 30% across the value chain by 2025 compared to 2018. The company focuses on energy efficiency in production, logistics optimization, and sustainable real estate​​​​​​.

Responsible Raw Material Sourcing

Deforestation Fight: Nivea combats deforestation by using paper and cardboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and exclusively FSC-certified or recycled paper materials since 2020​​.

Sustainable Palm Oil: The company aims for sustainable sourcing of palm and palm kernel oil, being a member of RSPO and FONAP, and since 2020 has sourced all palm-based raw materials sustainably​​.

Packaging Responsibility

Packaging Goals: By 2025, Nivea plans to achieve 30% recycled material content in its plastic packaging and ensure 100% of packaging is refillable, recyclable, or reusable​​​​.

Community Engagement

Supporting Local Communities: Nivea engages in social projects, supporting over a million families worldwide through long-term projects in over 50 countries, in collaboration with local experts​​.

Inclusivity and Responsibility Culture: The company emphasizes a culture of inclusivity and safety, promoting corporate social responsibility​​.

Other Initiatives

Alternatives to Animal Testing: Beiersdorf, Nivea's parent company, does not conduct animal testing for its cosmetic products, supporting the development of alternative testing methods​​.

Maximizing Raw Material Use: The company supports sustainable raw material sources and works on developing alternatives that meet its high-quality standards​​.

In these and other areas, Nivea strives for sustainable development, balancing economic growth with corporate responsibility, providing products beneficial for communities and the environment worldwide.

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